Monday, November 14, 2011

Books, Books, Galore! :)

Wanna get straight A's like yours truly? :) Well then, you've come to the right place! Because when you use these books that I've used, those A's are guaranteed to be within your grasp! :)

Well, i'm going off to college next year. And i have a sister who isn't doing IGCSE's next year. Don't you think that it's rather a pity for all these books to go to waste? And after all the trees cut down to ensure that i obtain good results.

Therefore, i've decide to sell my books at an extremely low price and you can rest assured that they are really useful as i've used them personally for my two years in doing IGCSE. Furthermore, my friends all know that im a sucker for useful knowledge when it comes to obtaining it.

Some of these books can never be bought in Malaysia. That's because i toiled my blood and sweat in obtaining them out of the country. My friends even proclaim me as eccentric for working so hard to obtain them. Therefore, you should read this post slowly as i put all my hard work into it.

The following books which i am currently selling are cheap, affordable and useful:

IGCSE Study Guide for Biology
IGCSE Study Guide for Chemistry
IGCSE Study Guide for Physics SOLD

These books are useful for a quick memory refresher for those last minute studies before an exam! Plus, they offer you answering techniques on how to answer questions during an exam!

Revise GCSE Complete Study & Revision Guide English & English Literature
O-Level English Model Essays

Struggling in English like i did? Well, the Revision Guide teaches you writing styles and techniques in a whole new clearer angle! And you can rebuff what you learned by taking a read at the Model Essays! SOLD

The Great Gatsby
Romeo & Juliet
Shakespeare Made Easy Romeo & Juliet
No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels Romeo & Juliet

Taking The Great Gatsby and Romeo and Juliet this year? Well, the Shakespeare Made Easy Book literally translate every one of Shakespeare's ye olde English WORD-FOR-WORD which is essential for a better understanding! Or, if you detest reading, why not make things easier for you by reading the Graphical Version?

O Level Topical Principles of Accounts
O Level Topical Chemistry
O Level Topical Mathematics SOLD

O Level Topical Biology
O Level Topical Additional Mathematics

Need revision for your subjects? Need revision for them on a chapter-by-chapter basis? Well, these books are here to help as they give a various array of past year examination questions arranged by topic! SOLD

Complete IGCSE for Chemistry
Complete IGCSE for Biology

These books provide complete information that one needs to score an A* in your Science subjects! Especially informative in those "towards-the-end" chapters! SOLD

Revise IGCSE Complete Study & Revision Guide Physics SOLD

The Biology textbook offers a complete information of the syllabus and interesting pictures and diagrams which are sure to prevent you from ever falling asleep when studying! The Physics Study Guide has everything you need to know in a matter of minutes! PS: Buy the following now, and i'll even throw in a free A Course for 'O' Level Chemistry textbook! SOLD

New Additional Mathematics
Business Accountings (Eleventh Edition) SOLD

Need to practise Add Maths and Accountings questions? Well, look no further as these books not only provide a vast array of challenging questions but give you a further explanation on those not-to-sure topics!

IGCSE Biology (Second Edition)
IGCSE Chemistry (Second Edition)
IGCSE Physics (Second Edition) SOLD

These books provide you information that will assist you in scoring your best for the exams! They also offer detailed descriptions of every chapter! Perfect for Year 9/10's! Act now, and i'll even throw in the Biology Book for free!

Mathematics IGCSE Revision Guide
IGCSE Mathematics (Second Edition)

Need help in Math? No words needed. To score in Math, you have to really practice. And I have these books to help you! The textbook offers you a step-by-step guide whereas the Study Guide acts as a reinforcement for those unsure chapters with multiple questions to carry out!

Qualitative Analysis Handbook for O-Level Chemistry

This book is really useful especially for students struggling with the Chapter of Salts in Year 11. Not only are all the pages coloured so as to provide you all the information you need on the colour of the salts, but there are mind maps and diagrams to further assist you on scoring well in this chapter! Salts has never been much easier!

For those of you are interested and wish to work out a bargain deal, please email this address Or for those of you who know me on Facebook, message me then! :)

I'm also selling past year papers for a cheap and affordable price. Subjects include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Add Maths, Accountings! Act now and i'll even throw in the Accountings Past Year Papers for free! SOLD

Also, the photostated books all come at a really cheap and affordable price! So for those of you who are stingy like me and would rather NOT buy the original books when the photostated ones offer the exact information, ACT NOW!

And remember, price is not an issue because i'm willing to sell them to you at a really LOW price! :)